Elementary School Band Programs

Instruments of Change band programs are designed to provide concentrated instruction that only require two classes per week.

Our band programs are held at the student’s school eliminating the need to travel to the program. The classes meet after school twice each week, for one hour each day, from September to May in conjunction with the school year.

Band Class
Band Performing

Performance opportunities like school assemblies, holiday concerts, music festivals and playing for senior centers are some of the ways our students get to play for others.

Through these opportunities, the students get to demonstrate the skills they have learned.  These performances provide much needed feedback to the students.  The applause and cheers are a boost to their self-esteem and reinforce their connection to band and to school.

In addition, we work with local high schools to offer the “High School Band Experience”. Students get the chance to go to their local high school and be a part of the band. They are paired with one of the students in the high school band and get to march out to the football field with the band. During the first half, the students get to sit with the band and observe how the band gets to be part of the game by playing from the stands, playing when a touchdown is scored and watching the band perform the halftime show.

All of this gives our elementary school students an opportunity to see and connect with the high school band experience and show them a positive school experience for the band.

Graduation Photo

The Standards

The students sign a contract and commit to a set of standards. In their contract they state that they will:

  • Come to band class 2 days per week
  • Keep Practice Logs that show their effort in practicing the material
  • Show their skills by doing “Pass Offs” – playing specific songs in the book that show they have mastered certain musical skills.
  • Come to Performance Opportunities where they get to play for others
  • Take care of their Instrument – students keep their instrument throughout the school year and must properly care for the instrument.

All of these elements combine to make the elementary band class a rich and rewarding experience for the students.

Once the students enroll in middle school band they receive the instrument that they earned through their successful completion of the program.

The Students Earn Their Instruments Through Hard Work

At Instruments of Change, we don’t give away instruments for free.  Students earn their instruments through hard work and by showing their band director they have learned the proper musical skills.

The students agree to stay with the program for the entire school year. During that time, they must keep up with the program, regularly perform selections from the book to show proficiency, and attend performance opportunities to pass the program.

At the conclusion of the 5th grade program, the student has completed the academic qualification to earn an instrument. In order to receive the instrument, they must enroll in middle school band and be verified by their band director. Only then do they receive their instrument.

In addition to learning how to play, the students also learn:

  • Accountability – they are accountable to their section
  • Responsibility – they are responsible to take care of their instrument and learn their part
  • Goal Setting – through performance opportunities, the students learn to set goals so they know the skills and songs necessary for the performance
  • Hard Work – by earning their instrument for middle school band, the students learn the vale of hard work and the reward that comes from a job well done